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How will I feel after EMDR?
EMDR treatment generates a certain amount of 'momentum' to your thinking and conscious awareness. In other words the treatment does not just stop immediately after your session. During your eye movement session a lot of memories may come to mind and people find that after the session they may think about these memories. Your therapist […]
Resources for EMDR
Container visualisation It can help to visualise an imaginary container to hold distressing material after and in between sessions Animation explaining what happens in EMDR therapy Peaceful Place Visualisation Body Scan Meditation Progressive Muscle Relaxation Visualisation of your best future self Link to several guided meditations- free to download
Dealing with bad dreams and nightmares
Dr Justin Havens has very kindly shared this Dream Completion Technique animation which can help eradicate, overnight, nightmares and bad dreams with a simple technique that can be learnt in five minutes
Articles about EMDR
Here are some links to articles in the media about EMDR: Irish Times: My Health Experience: Freedom from trauma Daily Mirror: A woman suffering from PTSD following the birth of her baby was able to recover with the help of EMDR BBC Woman's Hour Interview Sally and Gemma, the mother and sister of murdered schoolgirl […]
Counselling and coping with cancer
A cancer diagnosis can be a shock for the patient and their family. It can produce worry, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence or self-esteem and an inability to concentrate, as well as triggering anxiety and problems from the past. Counselling is a process of self-exploration that may help an individual to manage problems more effectively […]
Managing Stress by learning relaxation techniques
Stress is the emotional and physiological effect of feeling we are faced with a situation or threat with which we perceive we cannot cope or have insufficient resources to manage. The good news is that we can combat the stress response by learning to relax which will stand down the threat response system in our […]

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