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Coping with Bereavement  What is EMDR?  What is the Adaptive Information Processing Model?  How can EMDR therapy help with bereavement?  Articles about EMDR  Resources for EMDR  Dealing with bad dreams and nightmares  What is CBT?  Coping with cancer  Managing Stress by learning relaxation techniques  Relaxation tips  PTSD self help  Coping with suicidal thoughts  Perimenopause and […]
Coping with bereavement and loss
We will all, at some point in our life, experience the death of someone close to us, as well as other losses. Some losses may be less spoken about in society such as the loss of a baby in pregnancy through miscarriage or abortion. Other losses bring similar feelings too; the break up of a […]
How can I best help someone who is bereaved?
How to support a bereaved friend or loved one Please click here to visit the What's Your Grief website for helpful advice.   What NOT to say to a bereaved person Please click here to visit the What's Your Grief website for helpful advice.
Why do I need to talk about my childhood?
If you have been in counselling before, you may have been asked about your family or early childhood experiences. Some clients get annoyed by this question, thinking that the past is irrelevant or that therapy is just about blaming their parents for current-day problems. But we are not asking about this to assign blame or […]
What is EMDR?
EMDR stands for 'Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing'. It was discovered accidentally by Francine Shapiro Phd as she was walking in a park in the late 1980s. As she was walking, She noticed that some distressing feelings she was having about a particular situation suddenly ceased. When she reflected back on what happened, she remembered […]
What happens during EMDR?
Your Therapist will spend some time doing some relaxation exercises with you, which could include 'safe or pleasant place' exercises, guided visualisation, deep muscle relaxation, breathing retraining, imagining resources etc. Once you and your therapist feel that you are sufficiently prepared, you can then target a distressing memory with the eye movements or other forms […]

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